We have just received the latest Zengga payday statistics and we will share them with you immediately. See how many payday loans she gave and what is the client profile of this payday payee

Zengga is one of the leading companies on the quick loan market, a company from the UK entered the market last year with great publicity, advertising on television and radio nationwide. The ads are very characteristic because they feature animated characters of older people, in a funny way talking about payday loans. So what are the loans in Zengga, who takes them, for what amounts? The company statistics after less than a year of activity are presented below.

Who are Zeng’s customers?

Who are Zeng

Although people from 18 years old can take payday loans in Zengga, only 2% of customers are under 20s, but students are already 15% of students. The largest group of clients are people between 25 and 44 years old – 62%. Contrary to what the ads suggest, people over 55 years old only account for 8% of customers. The borrowers are more or less equally distributed according to their marital status – free and married – they are 43% and 41% respectively. The statistical margin is divorced and widowed. Most of Zeng’s clients have no dependents, as much as 60% of people interested in a loan.

The basic requirement is having a bank account and a mobile phone with a Polish operator. All borrowers in Zengga must meet this condition.

What loans do we get in Zengga?

What loans do we get in Zengga?

The average payday pay is PLN 464. We would like to remind you that the first loan is granted up to a maximum of PLN 500, and subsequent ones up to PLN 2,500. The diagram shows that we take loans wisely and we don’t always apply for the maximum amount, but often as much as we really need.

The loan repayment time is lower than the maximum – 30 days. This proves that we are able to pay back money ahead of schedule and when we have the opportunity, we do it as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary costs.

Anyone can get payday pay?

Anyone can get payday pay?

This chart shows that despite a liberal approach to creditworthiness, Zengga rejects over 70% of applications. It refutes the myth that payday loans are given to everyone left and right. Companies, risking their own money, try to have the most reliable customers and although they do not check the BIK database, they check other databases and verify customer data and reject some applications. It is worth emphasizing, however, that if our application is rejected in one company, it does not mean that it will be the same in another. This is due to two facts: firstly, some companies have a more restrictive policy. The second aspect is that company scores are changing all the time and, for example, Zeng will reject the applications of singles because it has too many in their portfolio and MoneyGow has too many marriages and will want to increase the share of singles in the portfolio. Therefore, in case of a negative decision, we advise you to submit further applications, because it costs us nothing and, unlike banks, it does not change our ability.

The above list also shows that, if we can, we avoid excessive costs and up to 40% of us pay back loans ahead of schedule. It is worth remembering that there are no costs associated with loan companies.

This comparison shows that over 90% of British Zengga customers would recommend her service to friends, so despite the high costs of payday loans, we are happy with them.

We borrow reasonably

We borrow reasonably

The above list shows what payday loans in Zengga look like, however, due to Zengga’s significant share in the payday loans market in Poland, we can assume that certain customer behaviors can be generalized. Based on the examples cited, it can be concluded that we are good with payday loans, paying them back on time, and often before, and above all we recommend services to friends. This is largely due to the growing financial awareness of clients and a reasonable selection of the amount of payday loans and companies in which we borrow.

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