What credit for a mobile home? The answers

What credit for a mobile home? The answers

Real mobile home practical and easily transportable, the mobile home is popular with the French. The majority of credit organizations make it possible to finance a mobile home through a car loan. What are the conditions for obtaining credit? Is it possible to obtain a first immediate financing notice online? Everything you need to know to properly prepare the purchase and financing of your mobile home.

What credit for a mobile home?

What credit for a mobile home?

As strange as it may seem, it is possible to go through a car loan (new or used) to finance a mobile home. The mobile home is indeed considered a recreational vehicle in the eyes of the law, in the same way as the caravan or motorhome credit.

Often stripped of its wheels and installed for long periods in camping on its land, the mobile home can not legally be inked on the ground. It thus retains its “mobile” character, and therefore its belonging to the vehicle category.

This involves two things:

  • The APR rates of the credit for mobile homes are attractive (see assigned credit)
  • In the case of a car loan, it is necessary to justify its purchase from the lending establishment

Auto credit makes it possible to obtain some of the lowest APR rates from consumer credit, provided that this is justified. The chosen organization, whether a bank or a consumer credit specialist, will systematically request an order form provided by the seller. This is true for a mobile home as well as for a motorhome loan, or any other vehicle.

How much does a mobile home cost, how long to borrow?

It takes between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000 to buy a mobile home. A price subject to variations depending on its surface, its layout and the materials used. There is no shortage of sites specializing in the sale of mobile homes on the Internet. It is important to make several estimates before embarking on the purchase of a mobile home.

We can indeed find all the prices, and also some scams. The purchase price will depend on the amount of credit, and therefore on the rate and monthly payments. The idea is not to pay too much, in order to achieve suitable monthly payments.

Credit for mobile home at the best rate: instructions

Credit for mobile home at the best rate: instructions

The rates vary widely between the various establishments capable of offering credit for their small mobile home. These are credit specialists, banks or certain insurers.

A quick comparison of the rates for a loan of 30,000 USD over 84 months reveals the gap between the best online specialists and those offering average rates.

Mobile home credit via a car loan 30,000 USD over 84 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
The cheapest credit from our comparator 4.15% 411.07 $ 4529.88 $
Second credit agency 5.72% 432.17 $ 6302.28 $

The second best credit in terms of rate TAEG offers a mobile home project loan involving $ 1,772.40 in additional interest. The amount soars when you go down in the list. Using an APR rate comparison tool is essential to avoid paying too much.

Our comparator guarantees in addition to the classification of the best APR rates (what is the APR rate?):

  • An immediate policy response from each of the top three organizations
  • A follow-up of the request and a confirmation of the organization by email