Data needed for the installment loan application

First of all: basic personal data The basic personal data includes the name, surname, personal identification number and the series and number of the ID card, these are data to be completed by which only the ID card is required. Usually, the first part of the installment loan application should also include direct contact details […]

Zengga – how many payday grants did she give? Zengga Loan Customer Profile

We have just received the latest Zengga payday statistics and we will share them with you immediately. See how many payday loans she gave and what is the client profile of this payday payee Zengga is one of the leading companies on the quick loan market, a company from the UK entered the market last […]

Who will repay the non-bank loan after the borrower’s death?

July 7, 2017 Mr. Sebastian, inherited from his deceased father, inherited a flat worth 300,000. zł. However, along with the real estate, it also took over a mortgage and payday loans for a total value of PLN 400,000. zł. Can the inheritance be rejected if the debt exceeds the inherited capital? The heir should be […]