What credit for a mobile home? The answers

Real mobile home practical and easily transportable, the mobile home is popular with the French. The majority of credit organizations make it possible to finance a mobile home through a car loan. What are the conditions for obtaining credit? Is it possible to obtain a first immediate financing notice online? Everything you need to know to properly prepare the purchase and financing of your mobile home.

What credit for a mobile home?

What credit for a mobile home?

As strange as it may seem, it is possible to go through a car loan (new or used) to finance a mobile home. The mobile home is indeed considered a recreational vehicle in the eyes of the law, in the same way as the caravan or motorhome credit.

Often stripped of its wheels and installed for long periods in camping on its land, the mobile home can not legally be inked on the ground. It thus retains its “mobile” character, and therefore its belonging to the vehicle category.

This involves two things:

  • The APR rates of the credit for mobile homes are attractive (see assigned credit)
  • In the case of a car loan, it is necessary to justify its purchase from the lending establishment

Auto credit makes it possible to obtain some of the lowest APR rates from consumer credit, provided that this is justified. The chosen organization, whether a bank or a consumer credit specialist, will systematically request an order form provided by the seller. This is true for a mobile home as well as for a motorhome loan, or any other vehicle.

How much does a mobile home cost, how long to borrow?

It takes between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000 to buy a mobile home. A price subject to variations depending on its surface, its layout and the materials used. There is no shortage of sites specializing in the sale of mobile homes on the Internet. It is important to make several estimates before embarking on the purchase of a mobile home.

We can indeed find all the prices, and also some scams. The purchase price will depend on the amount of credit, and therefore on the rate and monthly payments. The idea is not to pay too much, in order to achieve suitable monthly payments.

Credit for mobile home at the best rate: instructions

Credit for mobile home at the best rate: instructions

The rates vary widely between the various establishments capable of offering credit for their small mobile home. These are credit specialists, banks or certain insurers.

A quick comparison of the rates for a loan of 30,000 USD over 84 months reveals the gap between the best online specialists and those offering average rates.

Mobile home credit via a car loan 30,000 USD over 84 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
The cheapest credit from our comparator 4.15% 411.07 $ 4529.88 $
Second credit agency 5.72% 432.17 $ 6302.28 $

The second best credit in terms of rate TAEG offers a mobile home project loan involving $ 1,772.40 in additional interest. The amount soars when you go down in the list. Using an APR rate comparison tool is essential to avoid paying too much.

Our comparator guarantees in addition to the classification of the best APR rates (what is the APR rate?):

  • An immediate policy response from each of the top three organizations
  • A follow-up of the request and a confirmation of the organization by email

Easy and fast online credit with immediate response

Easy online credit offer should not be confused with a concrete offer, with a final rate to support it. What is the easiest credit to get online? How to obtain an immediate evaluation of your file? We will see how to give yourself the best chance of getting easy, fast and cheap credit.

Easy online credit, where to find it?

An easy online credit application often responds to a sense of urgency. The fear is to be confronted with a refused credit, synonymous with additional delay before obtaining the funds. It is important not to panic when you need fast credit, at the risk of missing out on the best rate. We will see that it is entirely possible, thanks to a credit comparison tool, to obtain easy credit online.

Defining your project is the priority

It should be understood that each consumer loan has its own characteristics. Some are more difficult to obtain than others, in particular because of the list of supporting documents to be provided. The first thing to do before applying for an easy loan is to know what you need. Is it a simple small need for money, a loan to carry out work or even a car loan? Here is a table showing what you need to know about all the types of consumer loans available on our credit comparator. This comparison does not take into account the mortgage, a very specific market.

Type of credit requested What there is to know
New car / motorcycle loan
  • Proof of purchase or purchase order required
  • Low fixed APR rate
Used car / motorcycle loan
  • Credit with proof (order form)
  • Fixed APR rate slightly less attractive than for a new car loan
Personal loan
  • Credit without proof of use of money
  • Fixed APR rate very variable from one organization to another
Need money or loan all projects
  • Credit without proof. Rates identical to those of the personal loan for any request> 4000 $.
Works loan
  • Proof of achievement or order form required
  • Very advantageous fixed APR rate
Redemption of credits
  • Proof of credits in progress. This credit is suitable for grouping several credits into one monthly installment that is easier to repay
Any credit request <4000 $ on our comparator
  • Proposal of the best revolving credit solutions without proof of use.

The comparator, best friend of easy online credit

The comparator, best friend of easy online credit

Using a credit comparator offers several advantages, starting with that of comparing offers without pressure. It is thus possible to obtain an overview of the best rates for an easy loan without supporting documents (personal loan, revolving credit) in a few clicks, among the largest credit organizations. This simple step, however, does not make advancing online credit easy. This is the reason why our comparator makes it possible to apply for credit online with immediate response.

Online credit rate comparison

Online credit rate comparison

Nothing beats a credit simulation – here a personal loan of 10,000 USD over 48 months – to fully appreciate the importance of an online comparator. The APR rate never lies (what is it?) And sometimes reveals significant differences between several of the best organizations.

Best personal loan $ 10,000 over 48 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 3.89% 294.45 $ 600.20 $
Organization 2 5.60% 301.78 $ 864.08 $
Organization n ° 3 5.77% 302.51 $ 890.36 $

The organizations on this podium are the most popular. No need to mention the name of the best at the time of our comparison, he may not be in the lead during the next simulation. Consumer credit rates are constantly changing.

How our comparator works

Our comparator makes it easy to apply for credit online. Above all, it guarantees to obtain an opinion at the best rate. Here’s how to apply for a personal loan, or any other consumer loan.

  1. Enter your project, the amount and the desired repayment period.
  2. Complete the four simple steps of the credit form.
  3. The comparator offers a list of the three best APR rates offered online.
  4. The best organism provides an immediate response, represented by an acceptability rate.
  5. When the credit is accepted (acceptability> 50%), confirmation takes place by email within 24 hours.
  6. Credit is refused (acceptability <5%)? It is possible to query organizations classified in 2nd and 3rd position with one click.

The ability to get up to three responses in one form guarantees easy online credit . It is always better to get the best rate and receive a favorable opinion from the No. 1 organization, but the conditions of acceptance vary a lot from one specialist to another. This is the reason why it is possible for a Astro finance personal loan to be accepted and refused by Sofinco (or vice versa) under the same borrowing conditions.

Legal point: there is a legal period of 14 days to withdraw in the context of a consumer credit. This period starts from the date of signature of the contract. A slip provided for this purpose is systematically backed up by the contract.

Online credit refused everywhere, how to do it?

It is possible in certain cases that the credit request does not lead to any concrete proposal. You have to ask yourself the right questions in this case. There are several options to consider:

  • Review your request by extending the repayment tenure or lowering the amount requested.
  • Opt for revolving credit, easier to obtain than all other types of loans.

It should be noted that those registered with the FICP (file of credit repayment incidents) cannot obtain any credit. Unemployed people also do not have access to loan solutions. Employees on fixed-term contracts may in certain cases fall back on mini-credit solutions.

Good to know: any request for credit 4000 USD or less made from our comparator directs to the revolving credit offers.

Data needed for the installment loan application

First of all: basic personal data

First of all: basic personal data

The basic personal data includes the name, surname, personal identification number and the series and number of the ID card, these are data to be completed by which only the ID card is required. Usually, the first part of the installment loan application should also include direct contact details such as email address and mobile number. Thanks to this, if we make a mistake later in the application, the loan company will be able to contact us and explain the mistake instead of immediately rejecting the application.

Secondly: contact details

Secondly: contact details

The second important element of the loan application is to provide your residential and registered address. However, some loan companies such as UsCredit, Eicredit or Snapi Loans do not require an address before creating an account in the customer panel. First of all, these companies ask us to create their profile, to which it is enough to provide some basic data. Only after logging into the account and moving on to the final stage of completing the loan application are we asked to provide addresses. It is worth knowing that for many loan companies, the address of residence is as important as the registered address, because after issuing a positive decision and accepting the terms of the loan, a contract is sent to us by courier, which we must personally sign.

Third: employment information

Third: employment information

An important element in the loan granting process is determining our creditworthiness. Responsible non-bank institutions, not wanting to expose their good (granting a loan that will not be repaid) or the good of the client (so that repayment does not lead him into a spiral of debt) try to precisely determine the optimal amount of the loan, which repayment will not be a problem for the applicant. That is why we are asked to provide accurate data on our employment in the loan forms. Apart from the amount of remuneration, many companies ask for the monthly amount of other liabilities – among others porfel, Hypocredit and CreditMori. Most non-bank institutions also require information on the form of employment, although of course they also grant loans to people working under a mandate contract and a specific task contract. The loan application should also include the employer’s name, tax identification number and telephone number. Please be aware that the loan company may contact your employer to verify the accuracy of the information when verifying our application.

Fourth: additional information

Fourth: additional information

In applications for installment loans, we can also meet such fields as marital status, level of education, or the number of dependents. This information is intended to better define our creditworthiness. We may also come across the question of having your own car, which is part of the Snapi Loan and OK Loan form, housing status, applying for Hypocredit and the type of bank account (personal, company, joint) at Sarka.

Precise determination of borrowing capacity is extremely important, thanks to which we will avoid the possibility of falling into financial problems caused by too high monthly installment, so it is important that we enter truthful information in the applications. Let us also remember that lending institutions can verify their accuracy.

Zengga – how many payday grants did she give? Zengga Loan Customer Profile

We have just received the latest Zengga payday statistics and we will share them with you immediately. See how many payday loans she gave and what is the client profile of this payday payee

Zengga is one of the leading companies on the quick loan market, a company from the UK entered the market last year with great publicity, advertising on television and radio nationwide. The ads are very characteristic because they feature animated characters of older people, in a funny way talking about payday loans. So what are the loans in Zengga, who takes them, for what amounts? The company statistics after less than a year of activity are presented below.

Who are Zeng’s customers?

Who are Zeng

Although people from 18 years old can take payday loans in Zengga, only 2% of customers are under 20s, but students are already 15% of students. The largest group of clients are people between 25 and 44 years old – 62%. Contrary to what the ads suggest, people over 55 years old only account for 8% of customers. The borrowers are more or less equally distributed according to their marital status – free and married – they are 43% and 41% respectively. The statistical margin is divorced and widowed. Most of Zeng’s clients have no dependents, as much as 60% of people interested in a loan.

The basic requirement is having a bank account and a mobile phone with a Polish operator. All borrowers in Zengga must meet this condition.

What loans do we get in Zengga?

What loans do we get in Zengga?

The average payday pay is PLN 464. We would like to remind you that the first loan is granted up to a maximum of PLN 500, and subsequent ones up to PLN 2,500. The diagram shows that we take loans wisely and we don’t always apply for the maximum amount, but often as much as we really need.

The loan repayment time is lower than the maximum – 30 days. This proves that we are able to pay back money ahead of schedule and when we have the opportunity, we do it as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary costs.

Anyone can get payday pay?

Anyone can get payday pay?

This chart shows that despite a liberal approach to creditworthiness, Zengga rejects over 70% of applications. It refutes the myth that payday loans are given to everyone left and right. Companies, risking their own money, try to have the most reliable customers and although they do not check the BIK database, they check other databases and verify customer data and reject some applications. It is worth emphasizing, however, that if our application is rejected in one company, it does not mean that it will be the same in another. This is due to two facts: firstly, some companies have a more restrictive policy. The second aspect is that company scores are changing all the time and, for example, Zeng will reject the applications of singles because it has too many in their portfolio and MoneyGow has too many marriages and will want to increase the share of singles in the portfolio. Therefore, in case of a negative decision, we advise you to submit further applications, because it costs us nothing and, unlike banks, it does not change our ability.

The above list also shows that, if we can, we avoid excessive costs and up to 40% of us pay back loans ahead of schedule. It is worth remembering that there are no costs associated with loan companies.

This comparison shows that over 90% of British Zengga customers would recommend her service to friends, so despite the high costs of payday loans, we are happy with them.

We borrow reasonably

We borrow reasonably

The above list shows what payday loans in Zengga look like, however, due to Zengga’s significant share in the payday loans market in Poland, we can assume that certain customer behaviors can be generalized. Based on the examples cited, it can be concluded that we are good with payday loans, paying them back on time, and often before, and above all we recommend services to friends. This is largely due to the growing financial awareness of clients and a reasonable selection of the amount of payday loans and companies in which we borrow.

The non-bank loan market is developing

The year 2013 turned out to be a breakthrough moment in the loan industry. At that time, many companies offering fast online loans appeared. The increase in sales of new loans amounted to as much as PLN 900 million. It is from this year that non-bank loans have grown in popularity. The differences in obtaining a non-bank loan and a cash loan are still very visible. Loan companies require significantly fewer documents from their clients. To use a non-bank loan, all you need is your ID card, mobile phone and bank account. It often happens that we need to borrow an amount that does not exceed PLN 500. In a non-bank institution, we can get access to such funds even within 15 minutes, without leaving home. We cannot count on such a loan in the bank. They have moved away from granting loans for such low amounts, what is more, we have to wait several days for the credit decision.

Increase in the number of customers from the non-banking sector

Increase in the number of customers from the non-banking sector

As estimated by the Credit Information Bureau, nearly 3 million people used the services of non-bank companies in 2015. These estimates are also confirmed by the data of the NatBank of Poland. The research that was carried out in autumn 2015 at the request of the NBP showed that over 12 months, about 10 percent. adult Poles, i.e. 3.15 million people.

The amount of loans granted is increasing

The amount of loans granted is increasing

The Association of Loan Companies shows that last year the value of the non-bank loans market amounted to as much as PLN 5.1 billion. Compared to 2014, this value increased by over 24 percent. In the years 2008–2013, the non-banking sector doubled its value from PLN 1.5 to 3.1 billion. It is estimated that in 2016 growth dynamics will slow down slightly and will be around 18%

The non-banking sector is growing in strength, and consumers themselves are increasingly aware of the market situation and their rights. Debts are becoming less frequent. From the report prepared by KPF in cooperation with the SGH Institute of Economic Development on the consumer finance market for the first quarter of 2016. shows that as much as 62 percent. among indebted households there is no problem with paying off their liabilities. These data show that Poles are cautious about financial decisions. We analyze our financial capabilities and only on this basis do we choose the parameters of loans. Thanks to this, we minimize the risks associated with the use of additional forms of financing your needs.

Who will repay the non-bank loan after the borrower’s death?

July 7, 2017 Mr. Sebastian, inherited from his deceased father, inherited a flat worth 300,000. zł. However, along with the real estate, it also took over a mortgage and payday loans for a total value of PLN 400,000. zł. Can the inheritance be rejected if the debt exceeds the inherited capital? The heir should be aware that he will answer for the inherited debts with all his property. 

Inheritance law – you will inherit debts along with your estate

Inheritance law - you will inherit debts along with your estate

The inheritance is the inheritance of property of the deceased. However, with the ownership rights taken over, the obligation to settle debts is assumed. In some cases, the value of liabilities is higher than the capital received.
There are two types of heirs in the light of legal provisions:

  • Statutory heir – is appointed when the testator has not made a will. It is also appointed when other heirs do not want to accept the inheritance.
  • Testamentary heir – a natural or legal person included in the estate. A conceived child may also be a testamentary heir.

He is responsible for all inherited debts

The borrower’s death does not mean the cancellation of any credit or loan. If the heirs do not seek to settle the debt, the bank or loan company may take steps to recover the debt.
The creditor will demand repayment of all debt (including interest), even if the heir was not aware of the loans or non-bank loans. It is worth noting that in such a case he is responsible for the debts arising with all his property.

Who doesn’t pay inheritance tax?

Who doesn

Pursuant to applicable law, the heir is obliged to pay tax on the seized material goods. Because the inheritance has a real impact on increasing the inheritance’s assets.
Important – the immediate family of the deceased is exempt from inheritance and donation tax. To the group of close family members, the legislator includes: spouses, parents, stepmothers, stepfathers, children, stepchildren, siblings. Such persons will not pay “tribute” if they submit an SD-Z2 form to the Tax Office within 6 months of the tax obligation arising.

What will the inheritance tax amount to?

What will the inheritance tax amount to?

The amount of inheritance tax will depend on which tax group the heir will be in. Tax-free amount is not taxable. There are three tax groups:

  1. Group I (free amount PLN 9,637) – immediate family – spouses, descendants (children, grandchildren), ascendants (parents), siblings, stepmother, stepfather, etc.
  2. Group II (PLN 7,276 free) – extended family – parents ‘siblings, siblings’ spouses, etc.
  3. Group III (free amount PLN 4,902 – distant family or unrelated persons, etc.

How do you give up your inheritance?

How do you give up your inheritance?

If the heir does not want to receive the inheritance, he has the right to opt out of inheritance. It is worth knowing that the law makes it impossible to renounce an inheritance to a third party. The contract must take the form of a notarial deed and is signed during the testator’s lifetime. Documents may be submitted by a representative. The contract becomes legally binding upon the death of the transferor.

However, it may not be possible to decline the succession until the death of the testator. The heir has 6 months from receiving the information on inheritance. The inheritance may be rejected orally or in writing. The authorities authorized to accept the refusal of succession are the court or notary public. Be aware that when you drop an inheritance, the next person in the queue for inheritance automatically takes over.

In turn, the person who has taken over the property, wants to transfer the inherited capital, must do so by donation.

Inventory benefit – save your debts

Inventory benefit - save your debts

At the end of 2015, regulations regarding the acquisition of inheritance debts changed. An heir who has not submitted an application to accept or reject the inheritance automatically inherits with the benefit of inventory.

\This means that the person inheriting the debts of the deceased is liable only within the limits of the property received. If the subject of the drop is a luxury limousine worth PLN 200,000 PLN and debt in the amount of PLN 300,000 PLN, the claim may not exceed the value of the inheritance. In this case, the amount to be repaid will be PLN 200,000. zł.
Important – according to the principle of the benefit of inventory – if the object of the inheritance will be only debts, the heir is not obliged to cover them.

Bailiff auctioning due to the lack of repayment of inherited debts

Bailiff auctioning due to the lack of repayment of inherited debts

Failure to settle the debt results in launching the debt recovery procedure. The creditor will first issue reminders and reminders. Please be aware that every call to pay is payable. If the debt collector does not agree with the debtor, the case will go to court.

The court issues a writ of execution. On its basis, the bailiff will take steps that will result in the return of the claim. The debtor is responsible for all the inherited liability. Therefore, you should be aware that the enforcer can take all valuable items owned by the person with the debt.

Important – the bailiff will not take over the movable property which is the basis for survival (food, clothing). The enforcer also has no right to take over documents, decorations and subjects for learning and performing religious practices.

One of the conditions for obtaining a loan is age restrictions

One of the conditions for obtaining a loan is age restrictions

Age has a significant impact on the loan. Most often, the borrower at the time of the commitment can not exceed 75 years. Interestingly, the average life expectancy in Poland is 77 years. Financial institutions do not require medical examinations prior to granting the loan, which would show the state of health of the person applying for payday pay. The main factor affecting the granting of cash loans and online loans is the financial situation of the borrower and the possibility of paying off the debt.

Loan insurance against the borrower’s death

Loan insurance against the borrower

Some financial institutions offer loans with insurance. The premium is charged automatically with the payday loan or loan installment. The policy allows a wide range of protection. Under insurance, you can get financial help if the borrower loses his job or if he is unable to take any paid work for health reasons.
What’s more, insurance companies offer life insurance policies that are effective collateral for the loan. The compensation will be paid, among others in the event of the death of the insured. The scope and sum of insurance are key in choosing the right policy.

Non-interest costs – what are they?

No interest, or what?

No interest, or what?

As the name suggests, non-interest costs are all fees that we will incur in connection with the launch of an installment loan, payday loan or bank loan, but other than interest. These include commissions, margins, administrative fees, application fees, insurance fees, etc. In the loan sector, we have a new definition of the term. Since July 10, 2015, non-interest charges officially include fees that the borrower incurs in connection with his decision to use the home service option.

Non-interest costs in the light of the Anti-usury Act

Non-interest costs in the light of the Anti-usury Act

With the lifting of restrictions on non-interest costs in 2011 (they could not exceed 5% of the loan or credit granted), financial institutions were given the green light to charge fees other than interest at any level. The lack of ranges in which the price of a financial liability should close, allows lenders to impose a number of additional fees on the client, and thus – to strongly increase the total cost of the loan. Changing the regulations has also become a water for a mill for dishonest companies, which, wanting to earn on contracts, often led customers to excessive debt. For this reason, non-interest costs have become the most important issue in creating the so-called the Anti-usury Act, which aims to cover the regulations of the unattended market for non-bank loans.

Non-interest expenses are again limited

Non-interest expenses are again limited

The amendment to the Act on financial market supervision provides for a two-stage limit for non-interest costs. First of all, they cannot exceed 25 percent. basic amount. Secondly, they can reach a maximum of 30% per annum. loan value. In addition, the new provisions stipulate that together the customer may not be charged with costs greater than 100 percent. the value of the commitment received. Moreover, if the borrower has several loans within 120 days (he pays back one and incurs another one), non-interest costs will be calculated only on the first commitment. Considering that usually new customers can apply for relatively low amounts (in ViaTEXT it is 800 PLN, in Hillarium – 1000 PLN, in MetLoan and Loki – 1500 PLN, in Vivus – 1600 PLN), this solution should work in favor of consumers.

Loan for renovation of a house or flat – summary

May 17, 2018 Every third Pole takes a loan or a loan to renovate an apartment. In the article you just started reading, we’ve listed the best loans for home renovation. What’s more, we estimated the costs of potential refurbishment and indicated in what situations one should take a payday loan, cash loan or mortgage. When reviewing credit proposals, pay special attention to interest rates and commissions. You can find the loan offer for housing renovation at the end of the text.  More of this story:

House or flat renovation – estimate the costs first

House or flat renovation - estimate the costs first

If you plan to renovate the property, estimate the cost of all work at the beginning. This will allow you to determine the amount of potential credit or loan. In a situation where you run out of funds, increasing the loan amount may be difficult due to impaired creditworthiness. Therefore, in an emergency, you can use a payday loan or installment loan.

How much does the renovation cost? It depends on the progress of work and the size of the apartment. Below is a renovation cost estimate for a 60 m2 property.

The cost of renovating the bathroom

A thorough renovation of the bathroom can take a lot of money. You can’t save on materials, but on professionals you can. Therefore, it is worth doing some of the work yourself – e.g. dismantling old surfaces. The amounts given are just an example. The costs included materials and labor. Bathroom renovation cost:

  • Floor – approx. 1500 PLN,
  • walls and ceiling – approx. 2000 PLN,
  • hydraulics and electrics – approx. PLN 250.00,
  • sanitary – approx. 2,600 PLN,
  • total – PLN 6,350.

Kitchen renovation – costs

Kitchen renovation works are similar to those in the bathroom. However, their cost is higher due to the purchase of household appliances. Electrical and plumbing installations are also worth mentioning. In this case, it is not worth saving. Installations must be made professionally.

  • Floor – around PLN 1,500,
  • walls and ceiling – approx. 2700 PLN,
  • hydraulics and electrics – approx. 1000 PLN,
  • equipment – approx. PLN 3,300,
  • total – PLN 8,500

Living room renovation costs

The cost estimate below includes mid-price products. The cost of labor and basic equipment were also taken into account. The largest costs were generated by the wooden package and suspended ceiling with assembly.

  • floor – approx. 1500 PLN,
  • walls and ceiling – PLN 3 600
  • electrical installation – PLN 800,
  • interior doors – PLN 600,
  • equipment – 6500 PLN.

Bedroom renovation costs

The cost estimate is a comprehensive renovation of floors, walls and installations. Finishing elements are from the lower price range. Equipment generated the largest costs.

  • floor – 800 PLN,
  • walls and ceiling – PLN 150,
  • electrical installation – PLN 350.00,
  • equipment – PLN 1,400,
  • total – 2700 PLN,

Loan for apartment renovation

Loan for apartment renovation

The apartment can be renovated using:

  • own funds,
  • chwilówki,
  • cash loan,
  • mortgage.

Importantly, a consumer loan can be taken from a bank or loan company. The banking product is intended for people who want to borrow significant funds and have a high BIK score. However, the offer of loan companies should be used by people who need a relatively small amount (up to PLN 10,000) and do not have sufficient creditworthiness.

Small renovation – take a payday loan or installment loan

If you only plan to refresh one of the rooms or buy furniture, do not take out a cash loan. To put it more clearly – it is not profitable to take out a loan if you want to borrow up to PLN 2,000 or 3,000. Because every major loan company gives free first loans.

Example – Porfel, gives first payday up to PLN 3,000 completely free. So – you give back as much as you borrowed. Repayment time – 45 days.

If you do not want to donate money with a one-off payment, take a loan in installments. Example – Provident offers an online loan for free. Loan duration – 4 months. The loan amounts from 500 to 1500 PLN.

For medium renovation – cash loan

For medium renovation - cash loan

If you plan a comprehensive renovation of more than one room, take a cash loan. Remember to use a banking product you must meet several conditions:

First of all – you can’t be in debt. Secondly – you must have a stable income and be employed under an employment contract. Fortunately, banks are increasingly honoring the so-called junk contracts. Third and most important – your BIK scoring should be at a high level. Because credit history is one of the most important factors that affect your ability assessment.

The amount of the cash loan is statutorily defined and may not exceed PLN 255,550. The loan period does not exceed 10 years. Remember – the longer the repayment time, the higher the cost of the loan.

What elements make up the cost of a renovation loan?

Components of the cost of credit:

  • interest,
  • commission,
  • APR,
  • insurance.

Interest rate is one of the most important factors affecting the cost of credit. It occurs in two forms – constant and variable. The rate is given on an annual basis and its value may not exceed four times the NBP lombard rate. Currently, the maximum interest rate may not exceed 10 percent.

The commission allows you to shape the cost of the loan. Banks often offer low interest rates and overstate the commission. Therefore, when choosing offers, pay close attention to this parameter. Banks charge a commission fee with a one-off payment or add to the loan installments.

Pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act, banks are required to inform customers about the actual annual interest rate (APRC). The parameter is expressed as a percentage. The indicator includes most of the loan-related fees – e.g. commission, loan insurance.

Cash loan insurance is voluntary. The policy guarantees payment of the sum insured in the event of permanent disability or death of the insured. The amount of the premium is added to the loan installment. Insurance pays off if you incur a serious financial obligation. When browsing the offer, pay special attention to the GTC – general insurance conditions.

Mortgage for a comprehensive renovation of a house or apartment

Mortgage for a comprehensive renovation of a house or apartment

If your property needs major renovation, consider a mortgage. Do not take out a high cash loan for renovating your property because its costs are too high.

A mortgage is the cheapest loan product on the market. The repayment time is long, it can reach up to 30 years. But – the longer the loan period, the higher the costs. The amount of the mortgage for renovation may reach several hundred thousand zlotys. The interest rate is low and does not exceed 5.5 percent.

Important – the mortgage has a clearly defined purpose. The money received may not be used otherwise than in the contract. Establishing a mortgage involves court fees and a tax on civil law transactions.

List of renovation loans – bank cash loans

List of renovation loans - bank cash loans

We have created a list of the best loans for renovating a house or apartment. We have specified bank cash loans. When browsing offers, pay special attention to interest rate, APRC and commission.

CreditCole – possibility to take out a cash loan with a partner

CreditCole cash loan can be taken alone or with a partner. Joint credit increases the capacity, and hence you can borrow more. Loan amount – up to PLN 150,000. It is possible to consolidate other debts into one lower installment.

  • loan amount: from 1000 to 150,000 PLN,
  • loan period: from 3 to 120 months,
  • fixed interest rate: 9.99%,
  • APRC: 22.10 percent (for the loan amount PLN 5000),
  • commission :: PLN 1,249.50 (for the loan amount PLN 5,000),
  • income certificate: yes,
  • form of payment: bank transfer or cash at a branch,
  • inference: online.

PhoneCall Bank – cash loan up to PLN 200,000 zł

T-Mobile banking services are conquering the cash loan market. One of the biggest advantages of the cash loan offer is the fact that application is done online. Importantly, the bank accepts many sources of income, including a mandate contract. It is possible to set up automatic repayment of a loan from the personal account of PhoneCall Bank. The real service provider is Meteor Bank.

  • loan amount: from 1000 to 200,000 PLN,
  • loan period: from 3 to 120 months,
  • fixed interest rate: 9.99%,
  • APRC: 16.93%, (for the loan amount: PLN 23,126
  • commission: 3 150.56 (for the loan amount: PLN 23 126),
  • income certificate: no,
  • form of payment: bank transfer or cash at a branch,
  • inference: online.

PB cash loan – without income declarations

Under the cash loan, Pancor bank offers up to PLN 120,000. New customers as well as people who want to consolidate other financial liabilities can take advantage of the offer. Importantly, income certificates are not required. All you need to do is show your bank statements for the last three months. It is also worth emphasizing that customers who do not have an account with PB can submit their PIT for the last year in order to receive a loan.

  • loan amount: from 1000 to 120,000 PLN,
  • loan period: from 1 to 96 months,
  • interest rate: variable 0.99 (for the loan amount PLN 2970.30),
  • APRC: 3.46%, (for PLN 2970.30),
  • commission :: PLN 29.70 (for PLN 2970.30),
  • income certificate: no,
  • form of payment: bank transfer or cash at a branch,
  • inference: in the branch.

Rumor Bank cash loan up to PLN 200,000

Rumor Bank allows you to apply for a cash loan: electronically, by phone and at a branch. Interestingly, the bank does not require income certificates (up to PLN 4,000). The Rumor bank Measure Loan can be used in any way you like.

  • loan amount: from 1000 to 150,000 PLN,
  • loan period: from 1 to 120 months,
  • interest rate: fixed – 15.62%,
  • APRC (for PLN 5,000),
  • commission :: 5%, i.e. PLN 750 (for PLN 5,000),
  • income certificate: no (above 4000 PLN a certificate should be provided),
  • form of payment: bank transfer or cash at a branch,
  • inference: online or branch.

Puttin Bank cash loan from 18 years old

Puttin Bank loans up to PLN 200,000. To submit an application, complete the form and wait for a call from a consultant. To take advantage of the cash loan offer at Puttin Bank, it is enough to be over 18 years old and have creditworthiness. Borrowed money can be used for any purpose.

  • loan amount: from 1000 to 200,000 PLN,
  • loan period: from 1 to 120 months,
  • interest rate: no information,
  • APRC: 17.3% (for a representative example),
  • commission: no information,
  • income certificate: yes,
  • form of payment: bank transfer or cash at a branch,
  • inference: online or branch.

OUT Cash Loan

OutBank offers from 1000 to 160,000 PLN under a cash loan. Interestingly, the bank does not charge a commission for loans from 20,000 to 60,000 PLN. However, for people who plan to buy organic products for borrowed money, a PLN 500 commission refund is provided.

  • loan amount: from 1000 to 160,000 PLN,
  • loan period: from 1 to 120 months,
  • interest rate: 8.59% (for loans from PLN 20,000 to 60,000),
  • APRC: 19.40%, (for PLN 8,000),
  • commission: PLN 0 (for loans from PLN 20,000 to 60,000),
  • income certificate: yes,
  • form of payment: bank transfer or cash at a branch,
  • inference: online or branch.

mYBank cash loan

The cash loan amount at mYBank ranges from PLN 500 to 150,000. Loan period up to 120 months. It is worth emphasizing that it is possible to extend the repayment period. Cost – PLN 0. Interestingly, the customer chooses the repayment day. People who are mYBank’s customers can apply for a cash loan in 100%. internet-.

  • loan amount: from 1000 to 150,000 PLN,
  • loan period: from 1 to 120 months,
  • interest rate: variable 7.99% (for PLN 10,100),
  • APRC: 15.98 (for the amount of PLN 10,100),
  • commission: PLN 1,331.99 (for PLN 10,100),
  • income certificate: yes,
  • form of payment: bank transfer or cash at a branch,
  • inference: online or branch.